What is the purpose of traffic lights?

2018-05-23 14:22:18 Betty Wang 23

What is the purpose of traffic lights?

      At many of our busiest street and highway intersections, there are traffic lights - green for go, yellow for caution as the lights change, red for stop. Everyone knows that.

Primarily, the purpose is simply to facilitate the safe movement of cars, avoiding collisions. In some cases, however, it seems the purpose is to "catch" some not cautious motorists and sock them with traffic tickets and fines to raise money for government.

The latter goal is obvious when the private companies that install the lights at local government invitation are paid by receiving a share of the fines.

It is foolish, but too common, that some people try to rush through changing lights, causing danger. Rarely are we on such urgent missions that any such risk is justified.

The goal of all of us should be personal safety, avoidance of personal danger and property damage, with the orderly movement of traffic - not revenue-raising entrapment.

Common sense cooperation is the best way to accomplish the best purposes and avoid the other.

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